Nov. 14th, 2006

I deleted a bunch of people whose journals I don't read and ones that probably don't read mine. I probably won't add you back if you ask. Please defriend me if you will.

Also I'm going to be more careful what I post here. Again. I thought I could post a rant about a person without people getting all up in arms about it, but I was wrong. The rant was not intended for the person's eyes. If it were, I would have showed it to them, unlocked it. It was a means of blowing off some steam. It wasn't meant to offend.

I apologize for how out of hand this is getting. It's ridiculous. It should have just been done when I defriended the poor girl. Instead it's gotten into one of the most ridiculous things I've seen.

And that, my friends is the end of this. I have nothing else to say. I'm making this public. Should Jay or Nat like to speak their mind, please do it to my face. Don't do it on [ profile] shitlist and don't try to turn people against me. And don't send your friends to fight for you. This is between us. Handle it like a mature woman.

Similarly, I am not nor would I ever consider disregarding your fiction, Jay. I am a moderator, not a dictator. Should you choose to post fiction on [ profile] patrickxpeter or any of my other communities, I will not delete it, reject it, etc. I hope that, should our paths cross again you shall keep that in mind. Let's handle this like adults, shall we?

EDIT: And because Laurie brought it up. [ profile] gamblore did not shitlist me. Just thought I should stress that. Someone who I never even talked to shitlisted me. I should have worded that differently. But yeah. Still sucks. Though I do have to admit, the bulk of the comments arguing whose thighs were better was pretty lolzworthy


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