2009-12-17 03:51 pm



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Please comment or pm if you would like to be added. Please point out things we might have in common/where you've seen me so that I feel like we have a good chance at connection :p

Please do not ask to be friended to see fic or graphics. This is not the journal for that.
2008-10-31 10:04 am

Halloween Fic or Treat

ALMOST forgot to do this.

Fic or Treat

Participants of [livejournal.com profile] meagan868's Fic or Treat can comment here :)

ETA: I will continue to fulfil your treats tomorrow, but my brain is fried! Sorry for the delay but I promise you'll like them :)
2007-04-11 11:21 am

(no subject)

I think everyone should do this once or twice a year or so. If you want to say anything about yourself, about me, about our relationship or your own relationships, let it out here. Anonymous. The truth will set you free, right? So please leave a comment and hope for the best ^_^
2007-02-09 11:09 pm

(no subject)

Did my friends cut. If you do not see my friends only entries anymore, it probably means you were cut. I might add you back if you ask or if you tell me that you were on vacation or something.
2007-01-10 02:32 pm

(no subject)

Poll (but I'm too lazy to use the poll editor so we'll just use comments)


Please comment on the quality of the website, not the content. Basically, the setup, color schemes, fonts, etc.
Make sure you visit all the pages before you leave a comment.

Making this public to invite everyone's opinion.
Please at least keep comments constructive.
2006-11-14 01:11 pm

(no subject)

I deleted a bunch of people whose journals I don't read and ones that probably don't read mine. I probably won't add you back if you ask. Please defriend me if you will.

Also I'm going to be more careful what I post here. Again. I thought I could post a rant about a person without people getting all up in arms about it, but I was wrong. The rant was not intended for the person's eyes. If it were, I would have showed it to them, unlocked it. It was a means of blowing off some steam. It wasn't meant to offend.

I apologize for how out of hand this is getting. It's ridiculous. It should have just been done when I defriended the poor girl. Instead it's gotten into one of the most ridiculous things I've seen.

And that, my friends is the end of this. I have nothing else to say. I'm making this public. Should Jay or Nat like to speak their mind, please do it to my face. Don't do it on [livejournal.com profile] shitlist and don't try to turn people against me. And don't send your friends to fight for you. This is between us. Handle it like a mature woman.

Similarly, I am not nor would I ever consider disregarding your fiction, Jay. I am a moderator, not a dictator. Should you choose to post fiction on [livejournal.com profile] patrickxpeter or any of my other communities, I will not delete it, reject it, etc. I hope that, should our paths cross again you shall keep that in mind. Let's handle this like adults, shall we?

EDIT: And because Laurie brought it up. [livejournal.com profile] gamblore did not shitlist me. Just thought I should stress that. Someone who I never even talked to shitlisted me. I should have worded that differently. But yeah. Still sucks. Though I do have to admit, the bulk of the comments arguing whose thighs were better was pretty lolzworthy
2006-10-14 09:02 pm

(no subject)

Doing the anonymoose thing again.

This time, though, I'm tweaking the rules again so it doesn't turn so much like [livejournal.com profile] textsecret Oo

Do you have something to say about me/to me but can't say it with your name attached? Do it now. Anonymous on, logging off.

Wank will not be tolerated.
2006-10-10 10:53 pm

Anonymous Thing

So following in the footsteps of some awesome people (aka Edge and K8), I bring thee the anonymous meme.

Spill your guts. Anonymous commenting on, IP logging off. The second it starts going wanky, I will turn it back on, so please, don't try my patience.
2006-08-01 01:12 am

Public Post


This can be done by checking to see if you can see any of my locked posts. If you cannot, then most likely you have been defriended, and I will probably add you back.